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05 March 2013

Clear Damage & Color Repair Conditioner*
Clear Damage & Color Repair Shampoo*
Clear Damage & Color Repair Deep Nourishing Treatment Mask*
I received these products at the start of January & for the most part I haven't really used much else since then. If you're looking for something that is sulfate & cone free, look else where as this will not suit you in the least. I personally don't have an issue with either at this point in time. My hair isn't really damaged or color treated, but I do tend to like these lines of shampoo's & conditioner's. Because I have long & thick hair, I need a little more moisture than lines for normal hair allow, but usually I don't need as much moisture the moisturizing lines provide. One of the big wow factors for me with this product is that after using this, I didn't need to add a leave in conditioner to my hair in order to comb it out. No matter how moisturizing of a product I've used in the past, I've always needed a little extra help combing out my wet hair since it tangles up into a rat's nest when it's wet. I like both the shampoo & the conditioner a lot & can tell that this may be my new favorite drugstore hair care line, but the mask is really where it's at for me. It's the perfect balance for my hair, it's just moisturizing enough. Often, I'll skip the conditioner & just use this in it's place. The company recommends that you use these products daily for optimal results. I personally don't like to wash my hair daily, so I've implemented it into my regular routine of washing my hair 1 to 3 times a week & have seen great results. One of my favorite things about this product is the packaging design. The conditioner sits on its head, allowing the product to settle on the same end that it comes out of. This eliminates the awkward & dangerous wet bottle/wet hand shake. The shampoo also has a flat head to it allowing you to also set it upside down once you near the end of the product. Opening & closing the products is also a cinch with one press. You can do everything one handed, not to mention that's a wet hand & a wet bottle, without putting your life at risk. In case you couldn't pick up on my subtle hints, I have had a bottle of shampoo fly out of my hands in the shower a time or...twelve.

Right now Clear is doing a 7 day challenge though their Facebook page. To find out more about it, click here. You can also get more information about this product & other Clear products on their website here.

*These are PR samples. Please see disclaimer for more information.


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