Voluspa Saijo Persimmon

23 March 2013

Voluspa Saijo Persimmon
When it comes to candles & home scents in general, there is nothing that beats Voluspa in my eyes. The brand is ace. Of course I love the occasional Yankee Candle, Bath & Body Works does some fun scents & the Mrs. Meyer's Lavender Room spray is a staple for me, but Voluspa just seems to get me in ways that other brands cannot. Voluspa scents are sophisticated & slightly unusual. They leave everyone wondering exactly what that smell is. They are instant pick me ups. My latest Voluspa purchase, Saijo Persimmon, is no exception. This number has been wafting through my apartment for two days straight & it is in no way over powering & other than the headache that I'm giving myself trying to figure out the words I want to use to write this review, has not been at all irritating.

Yes, candles seem to have a stronger place at home during the winter months, but I strangely love to burn them even more in the spring & summer. Windows open with a warm breeze, a good bottle of wine & the company of good friends is all that this scent is lacking. To top all of this off, the packaging on these is very luxe. This particular candle pictured above is in a porcelain dish with a vented, metal rimmed flip lid. The wrapping on it is beautifully patterned with gold embossing. Swoon! The have glass jarred candles, metal tin candles, room sprays & reed diffusers. While these candles are not cheap (this one set me back $28 USD), they have a smaller price tag then, lets say, Diptyque.

I think that this scent is my favorite of theirs thus far, but two more that come in a close second are: Makassar Ebony & Peach & Pink Citron. All three are winners & if you are ever in a position to be near a Voluspa retailer, please do yourself a favor & stop in to take a whiff.


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