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05 February 2014

Anyone else remember when I posted this picture of my new apartment when I first moved into it about a year and a half ago and when I promised a home post as soon as I was settled in?! Yeah, I apparently don't either.

Here we are coming close to two years later and it still hasn't happened. I learned that it takes a while to settle into a place that you call home and even longer to figure out how you want to display your home. It feels much more like home to me now than it did after I had lived here 6 months. I have really accomplished tons to getting everything in order, but there is still so much more I need to get done. Other than a few big tasks such as buying chairs for the desk I built (yes, I did!) and figuring out the seating arrangement for the bar and dining table (I'm torn between a few ways to approach it) and getting a new quilt made for my bed, I mainly have several little things that I need to do.

Since I went to art school I really have a surplus of drawings, prints and photos to put up, but I need to get my butt in gear to get them all framed. I can do the framing myself, and I was really thinking that I would buy the frames one at a time and frame as I went, but I quickly realized that it's not that simple. I have several pieces that I'm wanting to hang in groupings, so I need to make decisions there. I feel like that's the next big task. I need to pull everything that I'm planning on framing and start cracking that out and get a game plan going. I'm thinking that once the new quilt is done and I've got a majority of the framing done and hung I'll do an update post. But let's not hold our breaths on that one.


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